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Sally McWilliams

Assisting Indiana's tourism industry for the past 20 years, Sally McWilliams has worked with destination marketing organizations (DMOs), community non-profit organizations, attractions, hotels, restaurants and festivals.

Joining their teams as an outsourced marketing professional, Sally steps into their organizations equipped to handle immediate tasks or build strategy and consensus to accomplish larger goals.

With a proven ability to build and maintain positive working relationships, Sally incorporates her bright ideas, creative strategy and savvy execution into successful development projects.


Bright Ideas

Why imitate when you can be original?
Travel Rewards Program
+ Cause Marketing

Creative Strategy

Know the product and the audience.
Girlfriend Getaways
Group Tour Destination

Savvy Execution

Organize, Coordinate, Roll Out!
Indiana Wine Trail
New Product Launch


Phone Consultations

Questions about outsourcing a marketing project? Set a phone appointment to review your needs!


Need references for past success history?
Email me your request, and I’ll send them right out!


Office: +1.812.265.6999
Cell: +1.812.871.4350

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